Wish List For Your Perfect Home

While details are important in finding a new home, try to think bigger picture. Superficial things like carpet, paint color or décor may catch your attention, but can be changed relatively quickly and inexpensively (based on your budget). What should take priority are the bigger things that are harder, or perhaps impossible, to change like location, size, physical configuration, school zones, etc.

Your primary goal will be to find a home that will meet your family’s needs. You will have your standard requirements like bed and bath counts, pool, etc., but you should have additional considerations such as:

  • Neighborhood/Location – What is important to you? Proximity to employment, schools, restaurants, shopping, beaches, highways, public transportation, nightlife, peace and quiet, etc.

  • Schools – Many families consider schools as one of the most important considerations when looking for a home.

  • How Long Will You Live In This House? – A house can be a great investment, but your current housing needs may not always be the same as they are in the future. You may get a job it a new state, outgrow your house or decided to downsize.  It’s never too early to think ahead when evaluating your current investment.

  • Price – How much can you afford? Understand what you can comfortably afford to pay for your house is important. Use a mortgage calculator and/or ask a professional to help determine and keep your purchase within your budget.

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