Finding your Dream Home

In preparing to find your dream home, you want to make the wisest investment for you and your needs. You’ve determined your wish list and figured out your budget, but now what? Now, Kenny Silverman & Associates helps you find your dream home:
  • Discuss your search criteria with us for your perfect home
  • Then, we set you up with an automatic search of the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) within your criteria. This provides you with access to information on every available home for sale in the MLS.
    • You will receive new or updated listings as they become available.
    • If needed, we can help you narrow down the listings to your favorites that you want to view (discuss pros and cons).
  • We take you to the properties that you would like to view and find the one you see as your dream home.
  • Once you have found your dream home, we discuss the terms of your offer, draw up a contract and submit the contract to the Listing Agent for the Seller to review

Need more help getting ready to find your dream home? Please contact us to get started.