7 Signs of Dog Friendly House

7 Signs of Dog Friendly House

Are you embarking on a home search that must be approved by furry, tail-wagging family members? Here are a few important things to look for:

1. Does the home have a yard?

Just a little bit of a fenced-in grass can be your pup's paradise. Be sure to check that the HOA allows you to put in a fence tall enough to keep your pooch in.

2. Proximity to play areas

Look for homes within walking distance to trails, open space and dog parks.

3. Your very own pack

Check out the neighbors' properties for evidence of other dogs in the neighborhood, like dog toys in yards, dog doors and dog-related bumper stickers on cars.

4. Accommodating landlords

In some areas, finding condo communities that allow dogs can be challenging. Make sure we are aware of all your furry family members as we searching for your next home.

5. Storage for Fido

A designated space for keeping leashes, toys and other belongings is a blessing when it comes to keeping the rest of your home clean (or, cleaner).

6. Camouflage

Wall-to-wall white, plush carpet is not what you're looking for. Neither are gorgeous softwoods just waiting to be scratched. Look for homes with resilient flooring that's easily cleaned.

7. Doggie door

Dog doors offer your pooch (and you) a fabulous taste of freedom. Check whether a home has a convenient place to put one.